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Women and Political Marches in America's Capital

Washington, D.C. is no stranger to protests and rallies. These events of political expression have occurred continuously in the United States’ capital throughout the twentieth century. Women and gender politics have played a major role in the history of political marches on Washington.

Learn about the diverse women who have marched and the various political causes that they championed. From suffragists with colorful sashes to modern feminists in pink hats, Washington has seen an evolution of women’s revolutions.

This tour will touch on different political movements that rallied in the nation’s capital to show the impact of women’s political engagement and the sometimes contradictory viewpoints with which women have had to grapple throughout history, revealing their strength, determination, and human complexities.

Join your guide Sarah on a journey back in time learning about the passionate, persevering women who rallied, while walking in their own footsteps and seeing the sights that they would have seen.


Sarah Rodriguez is a graduate of William and Mary. She received her B.A. in History with a minor in Economics and concentrated in public history, gender studies, and queer oral history. Her professional experience includes working at Historic Jamestown, the John Marshall House site, and the Valentine Museum.

Sarah lives in Richmond, Virginia where she educates visitors about Southern history. She is passionate about introducing people to concepts of how we think about history in general. Her favorite trip that she ever took was to visit the Galapagos Islands and swim with sea lions.