Meghan Hanson


Tour Guide




“All women love shopping” a cliché if there ever was one, that haunts half the population to this day. However, like many stereotypes it oversimplifies a misunderstood truth. Shopping was a place for women to find a modicum of freedom from the male dominated world.

This nexus of classes and commerce allowed for women to casually socialize in chance meetings and exercise the power of economics often unavailable to them in regimented day to day lives. Here in Washington DC, many of the largest department stores were situated between the White House and the United States Capitol Building.

As we walk these streets strewn with the ghosts and skeletons of these iconic buildings, we’ll discuss the way a simple trip to the store was in fact so much more.

This is an outdoor walking tour of historic department stores (some torn down and some repurposed). There will be approximately 8 stops along Pennsylvania NW and in downtown DC.


Meghan Hanson is a licensed Washington DC tour guide. After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Anthropology focusing on Museum Studies and Art History, she spent 10 years living in Chicago. While living there, she became facinated with how cities tell their stories. Since moving to Washington DC, she has spent her time learning the stories embeded into the foundations of the nation's Capital and how those stories both reflect and drive the concept of the United States. Meghan is excited to be working with an organization dedicated to telling the stories that round out our understanding of where and who we've been to better find our place in the present.