Discover the pivotal contributions of the women who have shaped and led our nation from the heart of our capital.

This tour will delve into the often unexamined and unrecognized contributions of our First Ladies - from Dolley Madison and her vital role in preserving America’s early history to Eleanor Roosevelt's fight for civil rights to Jackie Kennedy and her preservation of the nation's capital. 

This tour will cover a one mile stretch of the National Mall and downtown D.C. and tell the story of women whose work are not recognized with physical monuments but is ingrained into the fabric of our city and our history.

Guide: Rebecca Grawl

Women Who Chose to Spy for their Country

Women have chosen the non-traditional occupation of Spying for hundreds of years. We will talk about how women made a difference and often avoided detection while working behind the scenes for their country. From infamous spies like Mata Hari and Ethel Rosenberg, to brave women you have never heard of, we will uncover spies from the beginnings of our nation to current times.

Guide: Cheri Hennessy

Classes, Commerce, and Iconic Architecture

“All women love shopping” a cliché if there ever was one, that haunts half the population to this day. However, like many stereotypes it oversimplifies a misunderstood truth. Shopping was a place for women to find a modicum of freedom from the male dominated world.

This nexus of classes and commerce allowed for women to casually socialize in chance meetings and exercise the power of economics often unavailable to them in regimented day to day lives. Here in Washington DC, many of the largest department stores were situated between the White House and the United States Capitol Building.

As we walk these streets strewn with the ghosts and skeletons of these iconic buildings, we’ll discuss the way a simple trip to the store was in fact so much more.

This is an outdoor walking tour of historic department stores (some torn down and some repurposed). There will be approximately 8 stops along Pennsylvania NW and in Downtown DC.

Suffragettes, Supremes and In-Betweens. The women who climbed Capitol Hill.

From voting rights to representation in top governmental positions, women have lead the way for other women.  Join me as we explore the women leaders of Capitol Hill who worked tirelessly for the right to vote, to serve in Congress and on the Supreme Court, and for the first time in over 200 years, become The Librarian of Congress.

This tour will begin at The National Archives and walk in route approximately 1.5 miles toward Capitol Hill.

Guide: Amy Mierley

Women and Political Marches in America's Capital

Washington, D.C. is no stranger to protests and rallies. These events of political expression have occurred continuously in the United States’ capital throughout the twentieth century. Women and gender politics have played a major role in the history of political marches on Washington.

Learn about the diverse women who have marched and the various political causes that they championed. From suffragettes with colorful sashes to modern feminists in pink hats, Washington has seen an evolution of women’s revolutions.

This tour will touch on different political movements that rallied in the nation’s capital to show the impact of women’s political engagement and the sometimes contradictory viewpoints with which women have had to grapple throughout history, revealing their strength, determination, and human complexities.

Join your guide Sarah on a journey back in time learning about the passionate, persevering women who rallied, while walking in their own footsteps and seeing the sights that they would have seen.

Guide: Sarah Rodriguez

The Five C’s of Showing Up As Your Best Self

A key highlight of our November 4th event is guest speaker Jen Croneberger who has presented at events for NAWBO, USDA, and Macy’s to name a few. She is a published author and has been on the TEDx stage as a speaker three different times. Her message to the audience is titled “Be Brave, Just Show Up: The Five C’s of Showing Up As Your Best Self.”

Guide: Jen Croneberger

Reclaiming the Feminine Paradigm

Join Angela Meyer, founder of Warrior Woman Republic, for a Self Defense training session.  Grab a friend or come alone, for a safe, fun, challenging and transformative experience. This workshop will expand your physical, emotional and mental limits, while teaching you basic techniques and skills that will build your confidence and strength as you navigate around DC.  No previous experience is required, just the willingness to sweat, the desire to be a more confident YOU, and the promise that change will happen.

Guide: Angela Meyer

Total Body Strength and Circuit Training

Locally owned and operated, 202strong was founded on the principles of inclusive fitness, real results, and bringing TRUE strength into the fitness industry. Real life strength for everything in your life. 

We will teach you the proper form, proper modifications, and deliver an expertly designed class for a personalized group fitness experience. Focused strength work with expert instruction and high intensity circuits designed with functional, full body movement.

All you have to do is walk in the doors. Find a station on the floor. Find YOUR Strong.

Guide: Maddie Watkins

All-Levels Flow hosted by Yoga Heights

This class will move you through a series of poses that connect breath to movement. Breathing will be emphasized as you progress through a flowing sequence of poses to help you get out of your head and into your body. Your practice will grow and your sense of peace and balance will be restored as you flow through the yoga postures  empowered by your breath.

Guide: Lindsay Jones